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Analysis Ergometrics
Analysis Ergometrics

Our  ergometrics lab   offers you the possibility of measurements and assessments in a large number of parameters that represent both the field of fitness and health of people from all age levels and for all fitness levels.

Analysis Ergometrics
Analysis Ergometrics

With the help of modern equipment we can:

  • To assess the level of the physical conditions of people from different age groups and activities.
  • To measure and assess respiratory parameters useful for children and adults.
  • To measure the energy demands of the body through the metabolic rate both at rest and exercise.
  • Be approached with specific measurements of the psychomotor skills of children and adults.
  • To monitor the progress of rehabilitation of people who have suffered a musculoskeletal injury.
  • To plan with precision a training  program to improve parameters that during the ergometrics analysis  have been found to fall behind.
  • To assess the success of a training program and revise its design if necessary.
  • To monitor the progress of biological maturation of a child / teenager.
  • To make both diagnosis orthopedic problems and other problems (eg heart, metabolic, respiratory, etc.).
  • To cure to some extent some kind of problems (eg walking, muscle imbalances, etc.).
Analysis Ergometrics
Analysis Ergometrics
Analysis Ergometrics

The areas where the center is able to meet are listed below:

  1. Ergospeirometrisi to assess the maximum oxygen intake in  running machine or bicycle machine (maximum or sub-maximum  protocols).
  2. Humanmetrics analysis (BMI,% BF WHR).
  3. Walk analysis  with the  special device (pelmatografos).
  4. Psychomovement tests (Rehacom).
  5. Speirometria to assess the functioning of the respiratory system.
  6. Asses of  motion range of the body joints.
  7. Isokinitiki Dynamometrisi.
  8. Asses of  reaction times in visual and audio stimulus using force and a photocell.
  9. Asses of the basic metabolic rate (RMR).
  10. Asses of  muscular force of upper and lower extremities.
  11. Speed measurement using photocells.
  12. Measurement of  the vertical leap and power of the legs.
  13. Measurement of flexibility.
  14. Evaluation of moving skills of children and teenagers.
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