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The fully equipped physiotherapy,rehabilitation and ergometrics center, a total area of 300 square meters serves a wide range of daily occurrences.
The operation is daily from 8:00 to 21:00 with specialized physiotherapists in different fields like
orthopedic, neurologic, lymphoedema, heart, pulmonary, rheumatological, spine, sports injuries, acupuncture, ergometrics, pelmatografiseis and also the possibility  of cooperation with outer physiotherapist like occupational therapist, dietitian and logopaidiko.
The excellent cooperation with the caregivers doctors  of patients, with a high level of services we offer, we do  put the bar high for the correct, complete and immediate rehabilitation of our patients and their return back to their activities.

Physiotherapy to outer patients Physiotherapy to outer patients Physiotherapy to outer patients Physiotherapy to outer patients  
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ΙΑΣΩ Physio YouTube Channel

ΙΑΣΩ Physio

ΙΑΣΩ  Pphysio YouTube Channel
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