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 264 Mesogeion Avenue, 15562 Chalargos,Athens
(Back building of IASO General Hospital, 1st basement)
Tel.: +30 210 6502903-4
email: info at iasophysio dot gr
url:  http://www.iasophysio.gr
Operating hours:Monday - Friday 08:00-21:00


Building - iasophysio.gr


The Physiotherapy Center of IASO General  located on the 264  Mesogeion Avenue  in Holargos, in the 6th position Holargos (attitude «IRA»). Access is easy and quick as served by central arteries in the Metro station. The lines serve are:

  • From the attitude «Academy» of OASA, the lines A5 and C5, in the direction of the Agia Paraskevi and Holargos respectively.
  •  From the Metro Stop «Katehaki» A3 line, starting line O.A.S.A 403, with the direction Vrilissia. 
  • From the Metro Stop «National Defense» A3 line, communicating the lines: 303, 304, 305, 314, 308, 125 and 406 
  • From the Airport «Eleftherios Venizelos», serving the routes E94 and E95 directly towards the 6th position Holargos 
  • From the port of Piraeus, serving the Electric Railway (HSAP), leading to the Metro Stop «Omonia», then followed the path «Omonia - Syntagma» A2 line of Metro and «Constitution -- National Defense »A3 line of Metro. From the terminal National Defense communicate the lines of OASA : 303, 304, 305, 314, 315, 308, 125 and 406.

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ΙΑΣΩ Physio

ΙΑΣΩ  Pphysio YouTube Channel

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Where we are

264 Mosogeion Avenue, 15562 Cholargos,Athens
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